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Cute picsMiss Lola is a prodigy. She is still a child but already teaches children at school how to draw cute pictures. Ginger and Pickly don't want to share a cherry. Vince loves honey. Unfortunately, bees do not love Vince. Maggie and her new dessert creation. Rinka made a new headpiece for herself. When Elfizz is angry he makes thunder sounds and throws lightnings. He can use his magic abilities for making popcorn, too. Elfizz and Maggie bake the giant cake. The little Sea Elfishki Rinka had always dreamed of becoming a circus performer. Rinka's mom asks Mr. Thomas to babysit her daughter. Elfizz and his ghost empoyee. Gargoyle and Maggie make dough. Vince brushes Brungildo's teeth. Brungildo and Vince are very unhappy with their unwelcome guest. Jeanso meets Vince. Jeanso leaves his landlady. Rinka is performing in the fountain. Rinka goes to Mr. Thomas's. Rinka watches the Elfishki girls playing jump rope.
Animated picturesClick on Pufferfish and it will turn into a spiky ball. Little Starfish is ready to dance! Once upon a time, on the beautiful Rainbow Island in the middle of the Sparkling Sea lived magical little people called Elfishki. Gargoyle helped Maggie to make the dough. Long ago, Gargoyle was a statue crowning the city tower, but one night young stargazers accidentally sprayed her with magic potion. Gargoyle became alive, but remained stony and heavy. Elfizz, the owner of the Chest of Chosts Crabs' dancing
Kid's songs

Elfishki Dance

The Rainbow Island