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The main goal of the Elfishki series is to teach elementary school-aged children conscious reading skills.

Children love to read when
• a book is suitable for their age;
• a book involves a subject matter they are interested in;
• the text level corresponds with their vocabulary.

The highest literacy gains occur with children who have access to discussions following a read-aloud. To achieve this gain, we offer the following strategy:

First, look through the illustrations and make predictions: What is this story about? Who are the main characters? Then read the story aloud while your child listens.

Every page of the Elfishki book has questions helping children to analyze the text and boost their imagination. It is advisable to ask the questions while reading to give a child a chance to identify the key details right away.

Conscious reading skills are an essential part of a child’s intellectual and cultural development. By helping your little one to master them, you establish a lifetime habit to analyze texts and retrieve the most important ideas. Emotional connection with a story is equally important. While reading fiction stories, a child learns to empathize with other characters and appreciate their values and opinions.

Discussions about the story and illustrations are a great way to train the memory, stretch the attention span, enlarge vocabulary, and nourish logical thinking. By articulating their points of view, children learn to express their ideas and compare their views with thoughts of others.

Besides, spending quality reading time with a book and a parent gives your little ones a feeling that their thoughts and desires are important and you are ready to listen to them. Reading aloud makes a pleasure connection between child and text. All of this consolidates the positive image of reading, and in a child’s mind it will forever associate books with joy and pleasure.



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